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Credit is an important aspect that affects every adult life. It is extremely important to check your credit in order to ensure its accuracy. Credit reports and scores are used by lenders to make decisions about whether or not to extend a loan to you. It may also be used to verify that you are eligible for an extension of credit for a wireless phone service, renting an apartment or even obtaining a job.

Featured Products
Each of the three major credit bureaus offer a service they often refer to as a credit monitoring service, which allows you to check your credit report and score anytime you want, and even alerts you by e-mail if there is a significant change to your credit information. Credit monitoring services are especially popular with anyone who has ever been or has a fear of becoming a victim of fraud. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission says it takes 12 months, on average, for a victim of identity theft to notice the crime. A credit monitoring service will alert you, usually daily or weekly, to changes in your credit — helping you to stop the theft before it gets out of control.

For more information, please click on one of the credit bureaus below.

Equifax Credit Monitoring (called Credit Watch)

Experian Credit Monitoring (through Credit Expert)

Trans Union Credit Monitoring (through Credit Profile)

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