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Transunion Credit Report

Web Site: http://www.transunion.com

There are four primary categories of information contained in your Transunion credit report:

Personal Information
A TransUnion credit report's personal information section includes your:

Current and previous addresses
Social Security number
Telephone number
Date of birth
Current and previous employers
A credit report does NOT include information regarding:

Sexual orientation
National origin
Medical history
Checking or savings accounts
Credit score
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Credit History
A Transunion credit report's credit history section includes a listing of all the credit accounts you have had in the last ten years. Types of credit accounts include:

Retail credit cards
Bank loans
Finance company loans
Bank credit cards
The credit history section shows creditors how well you have kept your financial promises. Each entry in this section includes:

Account number
Creditor's name
Amount borrowed
Amount owed
Credit limit
Dates when the account was opened, updated, or closed
Timeliness of payments
Late payments (these are noted as a negative activity)
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Public Records
A Transunion credit report's public records section includes:

Tax liens
Court judgments (including child support judgments)
Any negative activity in this section reflects poorly on your creditworthiness. Even if an item has been paid in full, the presence of even a one-time occurrence indicates a potential future concern for creditors.

A Tranunion credit report's inquiries section includes a listing of all parties who have requested a copy of your credit report. Your rights to privacy are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and therefore only inquiries from those entities with a permissible purpose are granted access to your report.

Inquiries that do not appear on the business version of your credit report are promotional inquiries or account management inquiries. Both promotional and account management inquiries are not counted as official inquiries.

Promotional Inquiries
Vendors query our database based on a set of parameters and receive mailing address information for individuals matching their criteria. These vendors are not viewing your report. They just want to give people who meet their parameters a firm offer of credit or insurance.

Account Management Inquiries
Credit grantors who have permission to review the credit reports of their accountholders may do so on a periodic basis. These are not counted as official inquiries.

TransUnion Credit Report


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